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Jark Says "I HAVE BEEN PWND!!111"

Some of you might recall a time where deviants were banned for no reason and a certain LJ user formerly as Anti_DeviantART took the innitiative to fight... WITH HIS FISTS!

That's right! We shocked the DA community by hacking accounts, vandalising staff members personal property and playing DEVIOUS headgames that sparked outrage between staff members.
Our war became a physical battle.

And so with our GREATEST MISSION ahead of us, we WIPED all of our internet evidence clean by deleting all of our entries. This had to be done. But we still nice enough to give you faggots a little taste...


 That's right! Pwnd, right out off office. We pulled the final string at the deviant meet. Then it was just a matter of watching the pieces fall into place before the building started burning... Let's say we gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Well it was nice knowing you, Jark. Btw, this isn't over. Don't think that I'll EVER forget. You fucked up my whole program your worthless faggot and now I'm fucking up yours.

Have a nice day. :)

 This message will self-destruct in (10) days...